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  • "Well Ed my stick got here yesterday and I went right out to the pool hall with it! PERFECT! I do appreciate all you did in saving my cue. As you know it has sentimental value to me and it means a lot that you took that to heart and came up with the perfect solution. I recommend your work to anyone! Again ... PERFECT!"
    F Wells
    Whitehall, NY
  • "Ed: I just received the cues today and all can say is WOW. Thank you for the great professionalism and quality of the work. I am more than delighted. Can't wait to try out the new tips this weekend. Will definitely use your services in the future. Thank you again for the great work."
    Andrew A.
  • "Hi Frankie, I just bought one of your cues, which is a beauty and a player. Very very nice work sir. I am in love! I want to ask you if it's possible to change the joint with a white phenolic one? The butt cap is white and I really like the white joints. (picture attached sorry for quality) The cue hits like a dream and I was impressed by the balance and the sound. I am also interested in a patch with your logo for me to wear in tournaments. Please let me know sir. Keep up the good work ... "
    Cristian Neacsu
  • "In a world where service and a genuine caring for a job well done is rare you stand out among the very best. Thank you for taking the time and patience to work through the very best possible solution for my damaged cue. As in the past, I have every confidence you will work your magic and come through in spades. Getting to know Frankie Doodle, the man, has been my pleasure and a bonus. Thanks again."
    Bill G.
    Ocala, Fl
  • "Got the cues back last Friday ... excellent, I mean excellent job! Both sticks were over 40 years old and they look like new. Thanks much."
    Don B.
    Woodstock, GA
  • "All I can say is the cue is fantastic. I saw nothing wrong with the wrap. The cue shoots better than any other cue I have. Thanks."
    Mark W.
    Marysville, OH
  • "Frankie, thanks for your help repairing my Topper cue!! You did an excellent job!!"
    Julian F.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • "I just received the cue and I was blown away by the work you did on it. I could not believe how nice this cue looks and feels now. Your services are fast and affordable. The attention to detail is unmatched. I will definitely recommend you and services to anybody who needs a repair done. Thank you Sir, you are a true gentleman. I will probably send you another cue for repair in the near future. Thank you again."
    Andrew A.
    Kew Garden, NY
  • "Frank, I received the cue last night and it is absolutely everything I was expecting. It is a truly elegant design and your suggestion for the color of the wrap compliments the cue perfectly. I am so happy to have this cue because I know it was made by a craftsman and that it was made for me. I will treasure this cue whenever I play. Thanks Frankie."
    Stamford, CT
  • "WOW Frankie ... I LOVE it. It looks like new again, she will absolutely go NUTS when she sees it ... thank you so very much for doing such a fine job and so quickly ... WooHoo!!!"
    Robert F.
    Orlando, FL
  • "Frankie, I just received the cue back this morning and it looks great. The weight feels much more balanced than it used to, and the wrap is very nice. The color you suggested really brings out the color in the wood. The finish looks very nice. The dings are gone out of the forearm and the solvent-based clearcoat really gave it a much more glossy shine. I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for a job well done and thank you for all your help."
    Valparaiso, IN
  • "Frank, just wanted to drop you a quick line ... thank you so much for all the outstanding repair work and the new cue I got from you is my current and forever player ... you are a true gentleman sir ... thank you for everything."
    Jerry S.
    Bradenton, FL
  • "As I played with the new shaft I realized how smooth and silky the shaft moved over my hand (I use an open bridge). I thought you might have something special you wiped on the shaft. But I had no idea that you had perfected an extensive process ... You have reminded me that experience and attention to detail can produce a superior outcome. The time you spend on that process shows me that I was right to look for the best on the Net. I found that with your services."
    John H.
    Murrieta, CA
  • "Hi Frank, I got the cue and it is gorgeous. Thanks alot. Send me some pictures of the sticks you make so I can show them to friends. If I get one then I can beat you with your own stick. HA HA thanks again."
    Bill M.
    La Plata, MD
  • "Stick got here today ... looks great, can't wait to try her Thurs. nite. Thanx Again."
    Doug F.
    Republic, WA
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