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* TIP REPLACEMENT *   s=soft   m=medium   mh=medium hard   h=hard   xh=extra hard
Elk Master s $15.00
LePro mh $15.00
Triangle mh $15.00
Triumph (w/pad) mh $15.00
Sumo m, h $15.00
Water Buffalo – Non-layered h $15.00
Water Buffalo – Layered h, xh $20.00
Hercules 23-Layer Pigskin m, h, xh $20.00
Tiger Everest Pigskin m, h $25.00
Kamui s, m, h $35.00
Moori s, m, h $35.00
Phenolic – Ferrule/Tip Combo xh $45.00
Break pad (red or black)
    (extends ferrule life - a definite for plastic and ivory ferrules)
Reshape, dress tip, and wax ferrule $5.00
Fibre (white or black) $15.00*
Elforyn (imitation Ivory) $35.00*
Ivorine IV - Aegis - Grice $30.00*
Ivory $50.00*
Phenolic - Ferrule/Tip Combo for Break/Jump $45.00
*Add cost of specific tip  
Recondition shaft (clean, remove nicks, seal and wax)
      *With tip replacement
      *With purchase of new tip and ferrule
Replace brass insert and reface $20.00
Replace shaft collar - Ivorine IV/black/natural linen 
   (aluminum or colored rings - add $2.00 each ring)
Uni-Loc (Pin & Insert) $40.00
Retaper shaft $20.00 +
Rewrap (Irish linen) $45.00
Rewrap (leather) $75.00
Replace joint pin and reface $30.00
Replace butt joint collar - Ivorine IV/black/natural linen $20.00
Replace butt joint collar (stainless steel) $30.00
Replace butt cap - Ivorine IV/black/natural linen
   (aluminum or colored rings - add $2.00 each ring)
Replace rubber bumper $5.00 +
Add or decrease weight of cue $10.00 +
New shaft - includes LePro tip $85.00
New layered, laminated hard maple shaft $125.00

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