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Frankie Doodle's Sneaky Petes / Break Cues
Frankie Doodle's Sneaky Petes and break cues are all custom built to the buyer's specifications. We can cut down a new house cue (starting at $75.00) or build one from scratch. You'll get cue sticksyour choice of tips, ferrules, pins, inserts, rings, joint collars, butt plates, etc. You can even add a wrap. The length and weight of the cue are also made to the customer's specifications, making each one an exceptional value. *The more exotic the materials and the more detailed the ring work on the cue, the more valuable it becomes. Our first and foremost priority is the playability of the cue. As a result, Frankie Doodle's cues are not only an excellent investment, but will most certainly improve your game.

*Every Frankie Doodle Cue, regardless of price, comes with a shaft made from the finest hard maple available.

Frankie Doodle's Custom Cues
All of Frankie Doodle's Custom Cues are made from the finest woods and materials. Exotic woods such as Gabon exotic woodsEbony, Kingswood, Cocobolo, Snake wood, Purple Heart, and various Rosewoods are available for your choosing, including the sturdy and most popular Bird's Eye, Curly, and Tiger Maple woods. One of the reasons these maple woods are so popular is that they are professed to be the best playing cues available. So it stands to reason that most all of our handles and shafts are made of hard maple. It's your choice as to what makes up the forearm and butt plate. You also have a choice of joint trim rings with various slot configurations.

At this time we are not adding points to our forearms. While points are very nice to look at and do add some artistic value, it's been said that they do nothing to improve the playability of the cue. Since our number one priority is the way the cue plays, we see no reason to add more dollars to the making of a cue.

All of our cues are carefully designed with the serious player in mind. Each cue is handcrafted to your size and weight specifications, with an emphasis on form and playability.

You can always pay more for a cue, but it won't play or look any better than your Frankie Doodle. We take great pains to meet exact measurements, so please allow at least six to eight weeks to receive your order. Call for availability.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see a sample of our cues and the different styles offered, then call or e-mail us at for a quote.
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